Wednesday, January 18, 2012

This Week's Inspirations

Just a few things I've come across throughout the week....

Adorable Beret made by Dadaya - This hat is so detailed and pretty. When ever I see such detailed work, I always think about how much time it must have taken.
Letter Press Notebooks by Pistachio Press - I'm a sucker for anything letterpress and these have the perfect combination of colors and cross stitch pattern

This picture looks like the perfect snowy night sky to lie under and look at the stars.
Jill Start Dress - I love the metallic gold and the coral together...also, the scalloping at the top. 
Ink + Wit's Berries and Weeds stamp set - These look so fun and pretty; I can think of so many things I would stamp with these. 
This deer photograph by Teawagon is just so cute!


  1. What a great looking dress!

    This blog is so fantastic, well done! Please check mine out and follow if you like it! I promise to return the favour!


  2. What a beautiful selection you have here, the dress is so elegant and chic.