Wednesday, January 4, 2012


Some things I've come across lately...

1. Artwork by Kristin Vestgard - Campden Gallery
2. Fancy Pillowcases - Rose hip..
3. Miss Fox Wood Brooch - Craftyfolk
4. Handmade Book - Sleepy Fawn
5. Sounds of the Woods - Nadinoo 

7. Frankie Diary - Notebook Loves Pen

one. I came across this lovely piece by Kristin Vestgard at the Campden gallery (England) website. I love the soft pastel colors, the sense the foggy atmosphere and the overall feeling of tranquility I feel when viewing her work. You can see more here.

two. These pillowcases have beautiful prints...and with crochet detail on the trim they are perfect! Rose Hips sells them on her etsy.

three. I've been obsessed with Craftyfolk for quite some time now and I'm thinking about purchasing one of these cute little pins.

four. Ashley at Sleepy Fawn makes some of the most beautiful books I've ever seen. This one is accompanied by a video on her blog.

five. The Sounds of the Woods collection by Nadinoo is part of the Autumn/Winter 2011 line and it's one of my favorites. I wish I could afford one of the pieces.

six. I saw this dress in the Threadsence Winter 2011 Lookbook video...polka dots, sheer black, and little shiny details!

seven. If only I would have pre-ordered one of these little gems I could be holding it in my hand right now. Every year when Frankie Magazine designs one of these planners, they sell out immediately. 

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