Friday, January 20, 2012

DIY Fabric Bunting

I'm very excited because the sun was out for a little bit today so I was able to take some pictures...yay! I also have some big plans in the works for new jewelry coming soon to the Woodii shop. I was feeling a little crafty today and I had so many scraps of fabric lying around... I wanted to make something to decorate my space at the Fremont Vintage Mall so I decided to create a fabric bunting. I would love to hear any comments or questions about this project. Also, if anyone would like to share one they have made, please do! Here is a quick and simple way to make yourself a cute bunting!

What you will need:
-several small pieces of fabric (about 4" x 4")
-fusible web paper
-small piece of cardboard
-fabric marker
-piece of 1/4" cord (you pick the length)
-sewing machine (optional)
-thread and pins
-iron and ironing board

Step 1: Choose several pieces of fabric you would like for your bunting and cut out 4" x 4" squares. I chose to make about 16 pieces so I cut out 16 squares for the front of each piece and 16 for the backs (total of 32). Pair up your pieces and choose a front and a back for each one.

Step 2: Cut out 16 slightly smaller squares of fusing paper (about 3.5" x 3.5")

Step 3: Place the webbed side down on the wrong side of one of the squares and follow the instructions to fuse it to the fabric (I used medium heat and pressed for 10 seconds). After it cools, peel off the backing. Take the other square (its paired piece) and place the wrong side of it on top of the piece you just fused. Press again. Now you should have a double sided square. Repeat this until you have 16 double sided square pieces.

Step 4: Next you will need to make a template. You can free hand one or make it exact in any shape you prefer. I decided to use a rounded shingle shape. I drew my shape on a piece of cardboard and cut it out. Use your fabric marker and trace the template onto each fused square.

Step 5: Cut out your shape from all the squares. Then, take your cord and cut it to your desired length (I made mine about 27"). Place all your shapes in a pleasing arrangement and leave a little bit of space in between each one.

Step 6: Pin the back side of each shape along the cord so they will stay in place and maintain the order you chose.

Step 7: Using a sewing machine (or by hand) sew along the cord to attach each shape. I used black thread to match my cord.

Step 8: That's it! I cut mine in half so I can use it in more than one place...there are so many uses for these cute banners! I like to string them along doorways or over fireplaces. I hope you enjoyed and thanks for reading!