Saturday, May 12, 2012

Mother's Day and Succulents

I had a great day outside, enjoying the lovely sunny weather! I walked dow to the Pike Place market to do a little mother's day shopping and was really amazed at how HUGE the market is...I never realized how maze-like it is with all the different levels and little nooks. After stopping in almost every single tiny shop, I gathered a few small things to send to my mom....I'm kind of hoping she won't read this until she gets the package. Unfortunately, I forgot to take pictures before I excitedly wrapped everything up.

  • heart shaped tea infuser
  • 3 bulk bags of loose leaf tea (lychee rose, sage and lemon, as well as huckleberry) made in Seattle
  • a microminiature, Russian glass, hand painted cat (don't ask me why, it was just so tiny and cute!)
  • some classic Haribo roulette gummies (which I ate before I got home-sorry mom!)
  • a key lime, lavender and bergamot soap wrapped in a lovely floral fabric scrap (this one I picked up at Anthropologie on my walk home) 

Needless to say, the package smelled really good! I hope she enjoys all the little trinkets! What did you get for you mom for mother's day? 

I also wanted to share these insanely realistic succulent cupcakes I've been spotting pictures of around the internet. There is a very detailed DIY on the Pixel Whisk Blog that explains exactly how they made them and somehow makes it look really easy. Aren't they awesome?

All photos by Pixel Whisk

Friday, May 11, 2012

Vintage Clothing Sale

I've just finished marking down all the vintage clothing in the shop for summer! There are lots of cute dresses and short sleeve blouses, all perfect for the upcoming seasons. SO much cute stuff; I'm tempted to keep something for myself..hehe. Check it out before it's all gone :)

In addition to this news, Etsy has recently added a (long overdue) credit card payment option instead of only allowing payments though paypal! I'm sure a plenty of people have wondered why it took them so long to add such a simple feature. Me too.

Thursday, May 3, 2012

Spring Inspiration

While shopping around town and browsing the internet the past few days, I've come across some beautiful spring items I would love to own (but probably never will ha)!  Here's a little recap of a few of the things!

Beach Tent by Anthropologie (of course it's only $8,998)

On a side note: I came across this lovely picture of Arista wearing a Woodii necklace! If anyone has any pictures of themselves sporting some Woodii, lemme know and I'll link back to your blog!

Thanks Arista!

Tuesday, May 1, 2012

New Pastels

Here's a couple new necklaces for spring! I'm really loving pastel beadwork with pearls and little stones right now. The weather has been amazing the past few days here in Seattle and I'm looking forward to a beautiful summer. 

More to come soon!